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Matcha by Duygu, the new fashion brand of Duygu Genç, an impressive influencer, is excited to introduce its highly anticipated collection called "Blossom" to fashion lovers. This exclusive collection represents an important milestone in Duygu's adventure.

Duygu turned her adventure, which started with blog posts 12 years ago, into a professional profession by continuing with great pleasure as an influencer. During this period, the dress designs in her first collection were received with great enthusiasm, and in her second collection, Matcha-themed jewelry attracted great attention and is still available in many sales points. Within the scope of this successfully continuing adventure, preparations for "Matcha by Duygu -MD Blossom Collection" were completed in the 2023 summer season. The collection was shot by successful fashion photographer İlker Sayılgan.

The products in the "Blossom Collection", which consists of stylish pieces with floral patterns, include Blossom Swimsuit, Blossom Bikini, Sakura Kimono, Sakura Black Kimono, Eva Trousers, Maria Skirt and HOLA Dress. The pieces, in which black, green and red colors predominate, have an eye-catching identity with press rose patterns and applique rose accessories. You can create beautiful dresses with the Hola Dress, the most popular piece of the collection! Of course, the theme of the collection is red roses!

Matcha by Duygu's products have already entered the branding of fashion lovers with the abbreviation MD and the slogan "Never Ending Story".

Matcha by Duygu'; To discover MD's creativity, take a look at sales prices and examine his collection;

  • Matcha, represented by the eight-pointed star sun, symbolizes production, creation, art, innovation and change in our lives, and with its extraordinary and colorful style, it offers us to "be the hero of our own story" by leaving our own security zone.

  • Each corner of our matcha brand, which we represent with the star sun, represents a different feature: Patience, Gratitude, Loyalty, Mercy, Truthfulness, Keeping Secrets, Knowing Your Helplessness and Generosity.


Understanding of Matcha

Acting with the principle of "Happy Customer", matcha aims to make a difference in e-commerce with this principle. Customer-focused and efficiency-centered, matcha has adopted the principle of providing maximum satisfaction and the best quality to its customers by combining the concept of accessories and the fast-changing fashion trend with its innovative ideas.

Matcha opens the doors of a special, fascinating and valuable gift for you and your loved ones with the quality and reliability of its products and after-sales services. Many products that will complement and accompany you in every moment of your life, from day to night, are waiting for you.

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Blossom Collection

Discover the magical world of nature and step into an adventure full of flowers. In our Blossom Collection, you can find pieces with eye-catching details and elegant floral motifs.

Style Matcha is a brand that stands out with its unique and fascinating collections that reflect the magical world of nature and flowers. Blossom Collection aims to fascinate you with its pieces equipped with eye-catching details and elegant flower motifs.

Blossom Swimsuit and Blossom Bikini allow you to achieve a remarkable look by freely showing off your style on the beach. Sakura Kimono and Sakura Black Kimono add a special sparkle and charm while drawing you into a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. HOLA Dress, on the other hand, provides you with a special look by offering an originality that attracts attention at every step.

Eva Pants and Maria Skirt add an original touch to your daily elegance with their floral patterns. These pieces combine comfort and elegance, allowing you to complete your style in daily life.

These products, specially designed for you, complement your style, make you feel special and offer you an unforgettable style experience.

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  • Zodiac sign A*

    A very stylish and aesthetic looking product; I use it easily during the day; There was no darkening or fading.

  • Özlem K*

    Packaged carefully and arrived quickly; The colors of the bracelet are very vibrant as in the picture; It is an incredibly wonderful product. I can use it in different combinations.

  • Dilara T*

    Its style and appearance are very modern, it is really no different from gold - everyone thinks it is gold - there is no tarnish or fading.